Get Free Robux

How to get free Robux is one of the most frequently searched queries in Google. Ironically, most of the search results that pop up for a search on how to get free Robux are click baits and are just pure waste of time. Some of the websites that do claim to “generate” free Robux are also nothing but scams.

So today we are here with a detailed guide on how to get free Robux and we will be taking you through all genuine methods to get free Robux without having to face any sort of hassles.

What is Robux?

For those who are unaware of Robux, Robux is the primary currency used in Roblox. Roblox is a 3D interactive gaming platform specially designed for kids where kids will be able to create 3D worlds out of their imagination and play through the worlds that they create. Apart from creating their own worlds, kids can also choose to play within worlds that are created by other users.Roblox is also the world’s largest platform for interactive games and has been around since 2005. The Roblox game is officially available for desktop, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Xbox One, and also supports all major mobile operating systems including iOS and Android.

Get Robux in Roblox Game

As the Robux currency is very much needed to play the Roblox game, the game itself offers various ways by which Roblox players can get hold of the Robux currency. Some of the ways to get Robux in Roblox are mentioned below.

  • Builders Club members will receive a daily stipend of Robux to continue playing.
  • Place access, shirts, and pants can be sold by Builders Club Members and 70% of the profit will be given to the members as Robux.
  • Players can also purchase Robux by visiting the official Robux selling page.
  • Robux can also be earned by selling game passes. Game passes can be sold even if the players are not a part of the Builders Club. The only difference is that Builders Club members will get 70% of the profit as Robux whereas people who are not a part of the Builders Club will only get 10%.
  • Robux can also be earned by players by joining the Affiliate Program. The Roblox Affiliate Program is available regardless of whether you are a member of the Builders Club or not.

How to buy Robux Officially

In the above section of how to get Robux in Roblox game, we have mentioned different ways by which you can get Robux for free within the game itself. If the available Robux isn’t enough for you, then you can pay to get Robux within the game itself.

As mentioned in the above section, Robux can be purchased officially by visiting the official Robux purchase page and they are not cheap!

Below is how much you will have to pay in order to officially buy Robux in Roblox:

  1. $4.95 for 400 Robux.
  2. $9.95 for 800 Robux.
  3. $24.95 for 2000 Robux.
  4. $49.95 for 4500 Robux.
  5. $99.95 for 10000 Robux.
  6. $199.95 for 22500 Robux.

There are many sites out there that claim to be free Robux generators. However, there is no way that these sites will be able to generate free Robux for the users as Robux can only be gained within the game or by purchases.

So basically you are just wasting your time by visiting the Robux generator sites that are available out there.

How to get Free Robux?

Do not be disappointed just yet. There is a 100% legal and working way to get free Robux apart from the ones that can be earned within the game. The method is by using point sites.

Point sites like offer users to complete paid surveys and watch advertisement videos to earn points which can be used to gain virtual coins in games. can also be used to get free Robux 100% legally without facing the risks of being banned from the game.

The benefit of is that it does not ask you to download any applications or submit sensitive information like your credit card details. It does not ask users to do anything risky. Most of the tasks that are listed on the PointPrizes website will be to join email newsletters or watch advertisements or just to complete surveys for various websites.

Once you complete your tasks, you will be able to provide your email address to the PointPrize website and the rewards you earn will be immediately and automatically credited to your email address. Just check your email inbox and you will then be able to know how to use the rewards you earn.

There are three ways by which you can use rewards to get free Robux:

  1. Free Rixty Codes: You can complete the tasks listed on the website to get free Rixty codes as the reward. The rixty codes that you earn in this manner can be converted to Robux and you will be able to earn free Robux in this manner.
  2. Free Google Play Credits: Another way to earn free Robux is by earning free Google Play Credits from website. The Google Play Credits will be instantly credited to the Google account that you provide after completing the tasks. The only requirement to get free Robux from Google Play credits is that you will need to install the Roblox Android app on your Android device in order to be able to convert the free Google Play credits to free Robux.
  3. Free iTunes Credit: Last but equally worthy way to get free Robux from PointPrizes website is by choosing iTunes credits as rewards for the tasks you complete. After you complete the tasks, simply give your iTunes email address and the credit will be immediately available. Install the Roblox iOS app to convert the iTunes credits to free Robux.

Final Words

Found the above article on how to get free Robux informative? Then do share the article with others who play Roblox as well to let them know about ways to get free Robux. Also, if you know any other methods to get free Robux, do mention them as comments below.